Blog Hosting and Movable Type Support

Business blog hosting is a little more complicated than hosting static HTML pages. Because of our long experience working with web servers and Movable Type, we understand this difference. We can respond to the needs of our Movable Type users far better than larger more impersonal web hosting companies.

Free Installation of Movable Type

We are pleased to offer free installation services for whatever license of MT you select. Movable Type software is available both as an Open Source software, free of charge and also as a commercial product supported by the publisher, Six Apart Ltd.

All KinetixHosting accounts have a nominal setup fee to cover administrative costs.

Getting started is easy

Use the "Sign up page" link at the top of the right column on any page to sign up for any Kinetix Hosting account.

If you want to use Movable Type for your business you owe it to yourself to give Kinetix Hosting a try. The Small Business Blogger Basics plan (24.95 per month) provides everything most companies will need in order to use this professional communication tool and serve from a few hundred to a thousand page views per day. If you have a higher traffic blog, up to several thousand page views on average per day, you'll want to try our Small Business Blogging Plus plan (39.95 per month). All our web hosting plans include enough resources to run MovableType, including a MySQL database for storing your content. If you have questions about how to use MT, our support staff can answer those for you promptly.

We don't just support MovableType, we use it for content management.

We use Movable Type software to manage content on the site you are viewing now because it is a very flexible and powerful system which allows anyone to easily edit the content of pages and entries. It allows us to easily control our content and keep in touch with and better serve you, our valued customers.

We wouldn't recommend Movable Type to you if we didn't like it ourselves. We can help you use it for your business web site.

Many other companies of all sizes use MT for business blogging and content management needs. If you need more information or assistance developing a site with Movable Type, please contact JSW4.NET, who provide business blogging consulting services.

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