Support from Kinetix Hosting means we will help you to use the services you buy from us. The same people will be pleased to help you with your customer service questions.

  • Help using your HSphere control panel to configure your web service
  • Help creating and managing email accounts for your users
  • Help setting up a variety of email programs to connect to the servers
  • Help setting up FTP programs to transfer files to the server
  • Promptly answering questions about your billing
  • Help using your HSphere control panel to manage your billing
  • Responding courteously and promptly to any other issues you may have

Contacting Support

  • Send an email .
  • Start a ticket from the control panel
  • Call us: 518 794-7772 or in the US 877 579-4638 (877- JSW4NET )

Blog as Knowledge Base

Our blog contains articles that are written to help you use our service. The articles are tagged kb and more specifically for items relating to the control panel, support. By tagging the the information, we allow you to subscribe to feeds and be notified when the knowledge base is updated.

Recent Entries

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