Domain names

In addition to basic shared web hosting, and business blog hosting services, Kinetix Hosting offers domain name registrations. If you already have a registrar for your domains or want to use another registrar to register a new domain name, you may still use our hosting service. If you would like to register your business domain name with Kinetix Hosting, you may do so at the same time you sign up for your hosting account. The annual domain name registration fee is $15, and will be automatically renewed each year, unless you make other arrangements with us.

Small Business Email and DNS hosting

This plan is offered for the customers of JSW4.NET who host web sites outside of Kinetix Hosting but still require Email, and DNS hosting. For instance, businesses might choose this plan to supplement dedicated application hosting. Please contact us for more information about this plan. ($12.95 per month.)

Small Business Ecommerce Hosting

With this plan you get the OSCommerce store / catalog software installed, and the MySQL database you need to run the software. We provide an IP address and the control panel makes it simple to setup a Certificate Signing Request for SSL, and just as easy to install the certificate once you have it signed. Please contact us for more information about this plan. ($49.95 per month.)

You may use the sign up page link near the top of this page to sign up for any of these plans.

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