A small "new web site" gift for you

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Today marks the launch of the new KinetixHosting site. Our company is dedicated to providing a variety of well supported web hosting services to your small business. We made this new site with Movable Type and the Universal template set to demonstrate that a small business can easily make a simple web site to communicate effectively with their clientele.

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We believe that what you write (what search engines see on your site) is the most important part of a business web site. No matter how many people you can reach with your site, the major search engines reach more. So we think you should concentrate on what you write. The MT platform makes it easy to focus on the words, and the Movable Type UTS provides a simple visual framework to easily drop them in. KinetixHosting provides the servers and fast network platform your company needs to put your content on the web.

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Over the coming months, we will be using this power to help our customers by creating articles which will allow them to better use our systems and the Movable Type publishing platform. We got started with an article describing the similarities and differences between pages and entries. Another example is our description of a great way to begin to customize the templates by building on a predefined style sheet.

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One of the first ways you can begin to make the Movable Type predefined templates look more customized is to change the image on the front page. The selector for which you must change the CSS properties is #homepage-image .

You may save any of the images linked to this post, or make your own 905 × 170 pixel rectangular image. Then you must change to URL of the background image to refer to the image you have selected. This article describes how to write such customize CSS code for MT in an organized way that will allow you to update templates easily in the future.

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A small "new web site" gift for you
Today marks the launch of the new KinetixHosting site. Our company is dedicated to providing a variety of well supported…