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One of the products that we are pleased to support for our customers is Movable Type Open Source, and all the Movable Type ™ 4.1 commercial products. We like this so well, we're going to use it for managing our new web site.

At KinetixHosting.com we are excited to try web site development using the Universal Template Set that comes with Movable Type 4.1. Our goal is to show that you can make use this tool, out of the box, to make a functional basic web site in three days without a huge investment in time. To that end we won't be making any significant changes to the structure for the initial launch, purely an exercise in developing the content and small changes to customize the look of the site.

We have been planning this change for some time, and we have even simplified our pricing for new customers. This effort marks our first major web site redesign in five years, and should our on-going commitment to providing excellent Business Web Hosting Services to all our customers.

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As we found out the template set takes some getting used to, but the documentation, which is linked above, contains the basic information we needed to expand the site architecture or site map. It may be useful to know that the blog front page is three columns wide, no matter what you choose for the default column layout.

It should be noted, not without irony, that we are now using MT4.2rc3. I hope to have the last two pages added before they release 4.2 properly, and the launch of this site will coincide with the release.

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