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In Movable Type 4 the vocabulary of information elements increased to include Pages. By adding Pages through the Movable Type system, users can create files on their web sites or blogs that are not part of the chronological flow of Entries. This feature may be expressed as simply as an "about" page on a blog. Or it may be part of a more complex organization of pages into a site with a blog.

Pages are not entries

Pages can be organized into folders, but pages do not have categories. Entries have categories. Pages are not listed in date archives or on blog index pages. There is a nested page listing widget which can be placed in sidebars. Pages have their own template which is separate from entry templates; they can be customized to have different XHTML structure than entries, archives and indexes.

There are similarities between pages and entries

Pages can have a main (body) and extended sections, they can have excerpts that work the same way as excerpts work on entries. Pages have keywords field and they can be tagged. Pages can have comments and trackbacks.

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